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Friday, August 04, 2006

Mahiwagang Puso

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

the cast of Encantadia

First and foremost let we., the creators tell you that the world of Encantadia has 4 major kingdoms namely, Lireo, Sapiro, Adamya and Hathoria....... Lireo is home to the Diwatas while Sapiro is for the Sapirians, Adamya for the Adamyans and Hathoria for the Hathors.... this is a kind of world where magic, supernatural beings and mythical entities live.......

let's get on.......

The land of the Diwatas is the Kingdom of Lireo
This is the kingdom od the Diwatas and located in the East... the ruler of lireo is called a queen or
reyna but if she becomes a mother, she is now called Ynag Reyna or Queen Mother... the queen is
not allowed to marry or have a husband, but when the time comes that she needs a successor,
Bathala will be the one who decides whose going to be the father of the future successor.... the queen and the chosen one usually meets in dreams... Lireo had 10 queens and the kingdom holds the Gem of Air...
Lireo is considered to be the most progressive among the others and have the tallest tower... they seem to have cable cars and powered by a large windmill and their armies are the only ones who have air ships..their most powerful weapon is the katapulto or the fire catapult....
The land of valiant, shrewd and cunning warriors, the Sapirians
the kingdom of sapiro is located on the north of Encantadia....this kingdom is the original keeper of the Jewel of Earth, the land is blessed with precious metals and stones and the soil is fertile enough for the crops to grow..this is also the kingdom that rescued Adamya from the Hathors during their time of conquest.
the Sapirians
the sapirians are somewhat related to the diwatas, they can also teleport themselves and shoot out blast bolts from their hands. however, they are more agressive and shrewder than the diwatas. They have the ability to heal themself or others of a disease or any kinds of wounds. In contrast to Lirean royalty, Sapirian royalty is very much akin to the traditional patriarchal definition of an absolute monarchy. This means the eldest son of the king is next in line to rule the mystical kingdom. The Sapirian king is allowed to love whoever he wants to love and choose his wife but the difference from the Diwatas is that their race is dominated by men.The Sapirians are best known for their unmatched skills in swordsmanship and archery. They are also proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Sapirians also have incredible strength, which they draw all their powers from. They are very shrewd and cunning, making them great allies and very dangerous enemies in battle.
the 4 tribes of Sapiro:
* Ajantao
* Ascano
* Yudo-o
* Arnon



Kingdom of Adamya is the home of the little people or prairies.

These small yet intelligent creatures are called Adamians and are the keepers of the Jewel of Water.


Adamyans, are also friends to the two other dissidents in Encantadia as well as to the Mandirigmas particularly because of their friendly nature and great wisdom.The Adamyans are also known for being hard working farmers. They have a vast plantation and beautiful beaches in their kingdom. They seem to only gather food every time without a care in the world.